Books Are Our Church and Readers Our Congregation

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Books Are Our Church and Readers Our Congregation

Christian books have long been a staple in local churches and communities around the world and are their own form of ministry.  At LPC we like to say that a book is a church and readers, the congregation.

Great books with strong moral values provide not only authenticity, but hope.  Every LPC title carries an important message that has the power to change lives.

Our mission at LPC is to meet the needs of people with content that promotes biblical principles, offers love and hope, and honors God.

By supporting LPC with …

  • Shared links (see our past FREE Kindle email links)
  • Downloads of our FREE Kindle ebooks
    (most of our Kindle ebooks are priced from $2.99 or less on Amazon)
  • Recommending our books to your small-study group or bookclub
  • Giving print copies to friends and family members – ebooks are nice, but print books are left-behind-seeds (most of our paperback books are priced at $7.95 on Amazon)
  • Amazon reviews – this is huge! Amazon reviews are social-proof and the main reason someone will choose a book

you have the potential to impact God’s Kingdom for eternity.

But this invitation is not just what you can do for LPC: it’s also about how we can help you.



If you have a specific financial need, include that in your prayer, too. LPC tithes 10% of its income to Christian Devotions Ministries. In turn, CDM helps those in need. For example, last month CDM contributed to the Dolly Parton Gatlinburg Recovery Fund.

Share books that people love, and BE the Light in darkness!

Check out our 2016 releases and our award-winning books.

Oh, and join us Jan 17, from 8 PM – 9 PM for our first LPC “Thank You” Party!!

Change our culture – support great books and films with strong moral values.


Thank you for your continued partnership with LPC. BE the Light!