Mr. Paterson
I don’t know if you are the one that will be reading this or not – probably someone at the publishers office is but I will believe in GOD that you will get it – no I claim it in JESUS name you will receive it. I am writing you to request an autographed book. I wanted to tell you how badly I want to get one. I will never get out of this small podunk town one, because I am disabled, two I am taking care of my son who is autistic. It is so hard doing this life but GOD does all things for those who are in CHRIST JESUS. We love your novels but because of my being disabled I cannot buy one, they don’t give you a lot to live on. but one day I barrowed one of your books and I loved it so very very much, and so did my son – it amazed me how he reacted to your novel I cried. He was soothed and he even figured it out a lot sooner than I did – he is very smart. I never knew how he would react to reading – now it breaks my heart that I don’t have much to buy him those things – you know – plus buying me them – I find them to be soothing to – it takes you out of this messed up world and it is great. Having a wonderful GOD filled mystery. You have no idea. With all that is going on right now – we both need to escape and we cannot afford it never mind being able to go to some city to meet you and get an autograph – if you did sign a book could I be brazen enough to ask for two one for me and one for Christopher – if I got one – he would take mine and he would take it and I honestly will never be able to get it back. I want you to know that you are such a gifted writer, the only way to have that is to be Blessed by GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT who is with you always guiding you and your words. I love the books that are suspense/mysteries but they have to be Christian of course. I hope you don’t mind if I pray for you. I looked at you because of Mr. Pretty recommended you and boy was he right.

Dear LORD thank YOU for such a gift YOU have brought into this world and our lives so we can escape for a while in such a world that is such a mess. Thank YOU for the ability for those of us who know YOU who can read between the line of his work to see YOU. thank YOU. BLESS his in her steps go towards you to follow, and may that always be. BLESS his family as you guide their steps may they be Blessed and prosper. Take care of them all and we can’t wait to see another book LORD from YOU. through his as it has been. Thank YOU for that LORD.

God Bless

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