Fresh Bread, Jesus Is the Bread of Life

The bread of God is he who comes down from heaven.
John 6:33 (The Message)

The aroma of baking bread pressed into my senses like a seam beneath a hot iron—warm and unforgettable. Crisp, cotton cloth lined a basket holding more fresh-baked bread. Irresistible!

What could be better than a gathering of friends meeting together to bake bread, to talk up a storm, and maybe to exchange patterns or fabrics? You supply the ingredients for bread baking, and your friends can bring add-ins and a good family recipe (or box mix). Afterwards, in a semblance of a modern-day quilting bee, everyone can exchange quilting tips and materials as well as share recipes and friendship.

Sometimes all it takes to bring a community together is to break bread together or sew a quilt to be donated to a family who has lost their breadwinner.

The apostle John identifies the bread of God as “…he who comes down from heaven,” Jesus Christ. Luke 11:3 instructs us to pray for God to give us this day our daily bread. A hearty, nutritious, full loaf of fresh-baked bread lies waiting in the written word of God.

Feast on the Bread, which is full of life. Choose a thick, rich, mouth-watering, hunger-slaking slice. Don’t go for the crumbs under the table. God sends an open invitation to taste and see that He is good.

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What are you satisfying your hunger with?

by Gayle Ottemiller

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Gayle C. Ottemiller has published magazine articles, poetry, and devotions. Her work appears on Christian Devotions and in several compilation books. Her book of poetry and photography, Faith Lifts: When Life Lets You Down, was published in 2010. Gayle has an MS in guidance and counseling and is retired after working twenty-eight years with developmentally disabled adults. Find her on Facebook and LinkedIn. Visit her at

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