You are High and lifted up.
You are Holy.
You are in Heaven and Here.
You are the Healer,
Our Hiding place.
Thank you for the Holy Spirit,
Our Helper.
You are my Hero.
You give us Hope!

“For you are my hiding place; you protect me from trouble. You surround me with songs of victory.” (Ps. 32:7)

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me.” (Ps. 51:10 NASB)

I have a long, skinny driveway leading to my detached garage. In my attempt to be a “can do” sort of person, I patched an indentation in the driveway a couple of summers ago.

But one season that makes me feel anything but Can Do is winter and its accompanying snow. I love the four seasons; I don’t think I could live in a place where the weather was one way all the time, even if were sunny and beautiful. Flowers in spring, roses in summer, golden maple leaves in the front yard in autumn, and those nickel-sized snowflakes floating lazily down in winter are all experiences I don’t want to live without. I even enjoy raking leaves and cutting the grass.

The one chore I really find challenging—and one which I admit I avoid—is snow shoveling. Year before last we had several light snows during one week, and I just couldn’t seem to get myself out there to take care of it.

It’ll probably melt in a few days anyway, I thought. Instead, the snow turned to ice, and horror of horrors, more snow fell, making a total of at least six inches on my driveway. When I realized the snow wasn’t going to melt until spring, I tried without success to crank up my old snow blower. I got out the shovel and made a few lame swipes at the heavy stuff, finally deciding I could just gun the engine of my car the next morning and charge my way through the snow to get out.

Still more snow fell during the night and when I tried to accelerate my minivan backward and out of the driveway the next morning, I blasted myself right into a snow-covered flowerbed. The ice under the snow caused the car to slip off the driveway and into the yard, and I knew I was in trouble. I tried getting the car unstuck, but nothing worked.

Frustrated and in tears, I stomped around the car, looked up at the sky, and cried out to God, “Why do you hate me so much? Why did you let this happen?” Can you believe it? I tried to blame him for my laziness! I guess I wanted him to just come down and shovel that long, slim driveway for me or send a gust of hot air to melt it all off. The silliness of my complaint hit me in a few minutes, and I apologized and went in the house to call my sister-in-law who came over with my teenage nephew and somehow shoveled and pushed the car out of the garden and into the street.

After all that exertion I needed some hot cocoa and headed into the house for fortification before I tackled the rest of the driveway. I was drinking it at the kitchen table when I heard an unfamiliar sound out front. My friend Sue’s husband, Neil, was clearing my driveway with his snowplow! Neither of them had any idea I was stuck—they live in another town—but they knew that I could probably use some help on a day like that.

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by Barbara Kois

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Barbara Kois is a freelance writer, editor, author coach, and corporate communication consultant. She was born in Mobile, Alabama, and her family moved to Clifton, New Jersey, and then to Illinois while she was growing up. She has three grown children. She has written or co-written eight books.

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