Marvelous Man Notes

Grant and Erin have been married five years. They are enjoying building their life together.

One of the surprises they both discovered when they first got married was that they didn’t agree on everything. When they were engaged, people told them that there would be times of disagreement and even a fight or two, but they couldn’t imagine that. It didn’t take long for Grant and Erin to realize that was true, nor did it take long for them to realize they could creatively work through their disagreements. Sometimes it even became fun.

One day Erin came home from the grocery store. She knew Grant was in the house working on a big project, but she had so many bags and really needed some help unloading the car.

“Grant,” she called coming through the door. “Will you come help me unload the groceries?” It won’t take but a few minutes, and he probably needs a break anyway, she thought.

“I’m really busy, babe.”

“Grant, puhleeeeeeeze. I need your help.”

“Hang on.”

Grant appeared in the doorway of the kitchen. “I’ll help on one condition.”

“Condition? Oh, come on, Grant. What are you talking about?”

“I’ll help you bring in the groceries if you promise to be extra nice to me the rest of the week.”

“Grant . . .”

“Those are my terms.”

“Oh, all right, just come on. You can just bring them all in. I’ll start putting them away.”

As she put away the groceries, Erin began formulating a plan of her own. OK, if he wants extra nice, that’s what he is going to get!

Grant’s favorite snack was M&M’s. When Erin finished putting things away, she hollered to Grant, “Be back in a minute. I forgot something at the store.”

Erin went back to the store and looked down the candy aisle. She bought big packs of M&M’s, individual packs, minis, cookies with M&M’s, and every little surprise that was remotely related. She even found a notepad, a pencil, and a mug with the logo printed on it.

Back home, Erin fixed a big glass of Grant’s favorite sweet iced tea. Quietly entering the office, she put the glass on his coaster and put a pack of M&M’s on his stack of papers.

“I love you,” she said. “You are my marvelous man. That’s what the two M’s stand for.”

While Grant was working, Erin went into their bedroom. She placed a few packs of the candy in Grant’s pajama drawer, his underwear drawer, and his medicine cabinet.

This continued all week as agreed upon. Erin found new places each day to stash the treat to remind Grant that he was her marvelous man. One night before Grant even thought about going to bed, Erin turned back the covers and sprinkled loose candy between the sheets. Then she carefully remade the bed so as not to spoil the surprise.

Usually the late sleeper, Erin got up one morning before Grant and fixed a breakfast tray for him. She served him breakfast in bed: pancakes with a few M&M’s sprinkled in them and coffee in his new mug.

Grant was amazed at Erin’s creativity.

Long after Erin’s week of extra commitment to being nice to Grant was over, she continued to remind him he was her marvelous man. It became her trademark love note.

(Excerpted from Love Notes On His Pillow: And Other Everyday Ways to Keep Your Love Alive by Linda J. Gilden, published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. Used by permission.)

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Love Notes on His Pillow: And Other Everyday Ways to Keep Your Love Alive

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And Other Everyday Ways to Keep Your Love Alive
Linda J. Gilden

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