Peaceful Repose

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth.”
Psalm 46:10

DANIEL LEANED BACK IN HIS CHAIR ON THE EDGE OF THE LAKE. The sunshine warmed his face. The water gently lapped on the shore. He could hear birds chirping in the trees high over his head. It was the perfect day.

Daniel had slipped out of the house while his wife finished up the lunch dishes and the children played a video game. He’d had enough of the frenzy and decided to seek the solitude of the lake. Daniel had a spot where the bushes shielded him from the house. Once the family discovered he wasn’t inside, it usually took them awhile to locate him, and that suited Daniel just fine.

Occasionally he looked up to see what was happening on the lake, but mostly he was happy simply to sit and exist. Daniel didn’t need a crowd around him to enjoy life. He was blessed with a peaceful personality…so peaceful, in fact, that many times people thought he was lazy. But although Daniel may have appeared to be doing nothing on the outside, on the inside he was having a special moment of praise. As he scanned the lake’s beauty, he thanked God for such a beautiful spot for his home.

Personality Point

In the busyness of the world today, most personalities rush through each day, never taking time to notice the peace that exists around them. But if we can take a lesson from Daniel and slow down for a few minutes to enjoy the beauty around us, we’ll find a calm place and a time to rejoice.

For a playful person, being still is difficult. Life is exciting, and time is too short to sit and watch it go by. Fun is in the action and in the people, and the playful person is always looking for a party. If none is found, most playful people will do whatever they can to create one! The purposeful person would enjoy sitting with Daniel for a bit.

But before a great amount of time had gone by, the purposeful person would feel the need to know why he or she was sitting beside the lake. The enjoyment of the lake and God’s creation would be present but shortly the need to have a purpose for being there would take over. The reason could be simple—the lake time was quiet time with God…moments for refreshment and worship. But having a specific purpose for sitting by the lake frees the purposeful person to enjoy “down” time.

The powerful person might also need a reason for moments of quiet, seemingly empty, repose. However, if the visit to the lake was planned and included time for reflection on the day’s activities, spiritual renewal, or one-on-one relationship building, the powerful person would revel.

Personal Step

If you are a peaceful personality, you probably acknowledge that any spot is a good spot to sit still, and your relaxation and reflection doesn’t really hinge on a specific area.

But if your personality is anything other than peaceful, you may have trouble practicing the “be still” principle. So why don’t you try to set a time for personal reflection? It doesn’t have to be long. If you think fifteen minutes of sitting by the lake will be torture, start with five.

When you sit down, let your mind focus on the beauty of the creation in front of you. Then focus on the Creator. Ask Him to fill your five minutes with the things He wants to tell you. Listen closely to what He has to say.

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Where could you find a quiet place?

by Linda Gilden and Tama Westman

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Linda Gilden and Tama Westman are authors, speakers, and certified personality trainers who loved discovering why people do what they do. As working wives, mothers, and grandmothers, they know the key to building solid relationships is understanding the personalities. Linda lives in SC and Tama lives in MN.

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