Pearls in the Ladies Room

I had a layover at Hartsfield International Airport, so I decided to make use of my time and visit the ladies’ room. In the privacy of a bathroom stall I heard, “Duh-nah, duh-nah, dunta, dunta, dunta, dunta.” It was the song that struck fear in my heart and kept me from swimming in our small creek for years—the theme song from Jaws. “Dunta, dunta, dunta, dunta . . .”

Yes, I looked in that potty just to make sure.

I mean, if you’ve ever heard that song near a body of water—regardless of how small—you just make sure.

Then I heard, “Hello?”

Yes sirree, the woman in the next stall was talking on her cell phone. Sadly, that’s quite common these days. Every cell phone should have an app called When and Where Not To Talk on Your Cell Phone. Free Download.

Well, my curious was up ( Johns Island phrase) and I had a long layover, so I listened. Have mercy. That woman was on a job interview. The kicker was when she said, “Yes, I’m great with paperwork.”

The humorist in me took over. I handed her a wad of toilet paper.

A voice whispered, “Very funny. I’m on a job interview.”

To which I replied, “No job is finished until the paperwork is done.”

Another pearl was formed that day on my ever-growing strand.

We all have a choice: let a situation control us or take control of it. Many times we’re tempted to let a dumb situation have the upper hand.

In the Eight Concepts of Bowen Theory, Dr. Roberta Gilbert discusses high-functioning thinking as opposed to low-functioning reacting. A good example of this is to watch CSPAN and then change the channel to Jerry Springer’s show. Jerry Springer may be more entertaining, but the best way to manage our emotions is to be a thinking person.

The small things in life may stump us. We allow our emotions to take over, and we give in to our feelings. Managing our emotions is important; they reveal what’s inside of us. Life situations reveal who we really are and what we need to change.

Yes, pearls can be produced in the most unlikely places—even an airport bathroom stall.

Our Heavenly Father loves to teach us lessons about ourselves in unusual places.

(Excerpted from Bury Me with My Pearls by Jane Jenkins Herlong, published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. Used by permission.)

* * *

Your Turn

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Bury Me with My Pearls

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