Piece by Piece: He Who Began a Good Work Is Faithful to Complete It

Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Matthew 6:36 (The Message)

Sharon planned to spend most of the day pulling together the final stages of her current quilting project, a special gift for her mother- and father-in-law for their 50th wedding anniversary. She had spent months contacting friends and family, collecting special messages to incorporate into the design. Each message would be in the donator’s own handwriting and hand-stitched onto ten-inch squares. One beautiful, final project held generations of love.

The day started as planned but quickly deteriorated. One thing after another took time and mental energy, and before long, half the day was gone with no end to her project in sight.

“Life isn’t long enough to get done all that I have to do. I’ll never finish this project,” Sharon exclaimed. “Enough is enough.”

Tell me you haven’t felt like that too. You look at the enormity of the task ahead, and it’s overwhelming. This was supposed to be fun, relaxing, enjoyable, but it takes forever to finish. What was I thinking? One more project is pushed aside for another day.

Did God feel that way when He started to create? He had the entire universe for a final project and just seven days to complete it. Was it too big a job for Him? Absolutely not. “Little” human projects, our hurts . . . desires . . . prayers are not too hard for Him to handle. He knows we are finite. We have issues and problems that can overwhelm us, even if it’s just a simple quilt project. God knows we easily get derailed by life.

However, if we proceed one day at a time with His strength and help, nothing is too difficult. As we continue, God reminds us not to get worked up about tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever difficulties that might come, and He will guide you when the time comes.

He who began a good work in you is faithful to complete it.

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How are you letting God shape you piece by piece?

by Gayle Ottemiller

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Gayle C. Ottemiller has published magazine articles, poetry, and devotions. Her work appears on Christian Devotions and in several compilation books. Her book of poetry and photography, Faith Lifts: When Life Lets You Down, was published in 2010. Gayle has an MS in guidance and counseling and is retired after working twenty-eight years with developmentally disabled adults. Find her on Facebook and LinkedIn. Visit her at gayleottemiller.com.

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