Recording Memories

“Have you packed everything, Sweetheart?”

“I think so. I have our bathing suits, our pj’s, some shorts, a sweater in case it is cool . . . .”

“I’m sure you got the normal stuff, but did you get our notebook and enough pens and paper? This has been a really busy year.”

A notebook, paper, and pens on your anniversary trip?

Meg and Jonathan have been married for nine years, and every year they take a trip to celebrate their anniversary. From the beginning of their marriage, they have saved a few hours during each trip to reminisce and record their marriage and family highlights for that year. Some years, the exercise took no more than a couple of hours; other years, it required most of the day. Even so, every year they have been glad they took the time to do it. Throughout the years, they have been able to reread their entries and realize how God has had His hand on their family.

For instance, June 23, 2003, reads:

What a year! We had no idea this would be the year of so many blessings!

First was John’s promotion to CEO of the company. He was surprised to be considered for that position so soon. We had been trusting God that when the time was right He would make that happen. Wow! A new schedule and so many new responsibilities.

Brian started first grade and Jake entered kindergarten. Everyone is doing great and learning so much every year.

Then, on May 14 our lives were changed in a big way when the twins were born. I couldn’t even imagine keeping up with two more babies. But an even bigger surprise than their arrival was how much we are all enjoying these two precious little ones. Even though our schedule is busy, we love doing things together. The boys help me so much with Alice and Felicia. Already they recognize their voices and turn to look at them when they come into the room.

We feel like our family is complete and ask God each day to help us be the best parents we can possibly be. We are so thankful for this busy year. We trust Him with everything that happens in our lives. We are His.

(Excerpted from Love Notes On His Pillow: And Other Everyday Ways to Keep Your Love Alive by Linda J. Gilden, published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas. Used by permission.)

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