The Sacredness of the Moment

Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name.
1 Chronicles 16:29

One day follows another, and if we aren’t careful, we can begin to fall into a mind-numbing routine that obscures the sacredness of every moment within each day. All our days are not alike, however they may appear from the outside looking in. Rather, each day is absolutely replete with moments that can take our breath away when we take the time, and have the heart to notice them.

A woman who worked as a receptionist in open houses for a large real estate firm spent many days just sitting and waiting for prospective homeowners to come in and look around. What kept her job from boring her to death was her attitude. She pledged to welcome each person who entered as if they were being welcomed by Jesus Himself—and to allow them to catch a glimpse of His love for them through her. She made the best of the opportunity she had to bring some sacredness into each ordinary day, and we can do the same.

When we are served a meal, do we stop to consider and appreciate all the steps that went into the provision and preparation of the food, and the faithfulness of the hands that served it? When we are given a bouquet of flowers, do we gaze intently into each blossom to appreciate the intricate design God created?

In order to appreciate the miraculous moments God has given us, we have to discipline ourselves to notice what is sacred about them. Where do you see God in the people and circumstances of your life? Is your relationship with Him reserved for Sundays and other special holy occasions? Life is too precious and too short to miss the sacredness of the moment.

A pastor known for making the most out of every opportunity to bring people closer to the living God often talked about encounters he had with waitresses in restaurants or clerks in grocery stores that ended up as life-changing events for those people. He didn’t tell these stories to glorify his own ministry, but to point out how God can use us even in the simplest of ways. “I thought I was just going to lunch that day,” he would begin, “but God had other plans.”

Does God have plans for every moment of our lives, too? We can rest assured that He does. We only have to train our eyes, our ears, and our hearts to be aware of what God is doing in each moment of every day. Who is He putting into our path who could use an encouraging word? What marvel of His creation will we be exposed to when we gaze out our window or walk through a garden?

Every moment we live can be a sacred moment when we train ourselves to recognize what God is doing in it. We can invest our time wisely once we adopt an attitude of awe and wonder about the world around us, the people we encounter, and the tasks each new day brings. Then we will learn to see the sacredness of the moment and not miss any of the glorious gifts God has for us.

Part of growing older and wiser is recognizing the gift of the ordinary day, a day in which there are neither new crises to be faced nor new griefs to bear. Similarly, we need to appreciate each individual moment that makes up such a day, for whatever the moment brings, God is in it, and He gives it to us for a purpose. Let’s not miss the sacredness of each moment.

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by Nancey Brummette

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Nancy Parker Brummett first led a Bible study in an assisted living setting in 1999 and she and the Lord developed The Hope of Glory in the years that followed. She also journeyed with her mother and mother-in-law through their adventures in aging, and her academic interest in aging led her to receive the Professional Certificate of Gerontology from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. The author of four other books, she now focuses her writing and speaking ministries on her passion for older adults and those who care for them. To learn more about Nancy’s life and work or to subscribe to her blog on aging issues, Take My Hand Again, visit her website.

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