The Vine and the Branches

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in Me and I in you,
you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing.
John 15:5

Has God confronted you with the undeniable reality that apart from Him, you can do nothing? Has He displayed the limitations and weaknesses of your human nature vividly upon the canvas of your life? If so, when faced with such knowledge, our reaction may be to close our eyes to the truth. However, recognizing how vastly inadequate we are without God is the tipping point of a life lived fully in His power. For when we come to the end of ourselves, God takes over and supplies us with all we need to live abundantly for Him.

God is the vine; we are the branches. If we stay connected to our lifeline, there is no limit to the amount of eternal fruit that we can produce for Him. Life-giving power springs up naturally from His being, and it can flow right through us to grow His kingdom here on earth. The results of remaining in Him will be a bountiful harvest that is beyond what we can imagine. In contrast, if we begin to believe that we can make it on our own and try to sustain ourselves, we will quickly see just how fruitless our efforts will become, for no branch can bear fruit by itself (John 15:4). Without God, our lives become withered and dry, void of the eternal.

What a great blessing it is, therefore, to realize that we can do nothing apart from Him! When we stay forever connected to the one who sustains us, we will experience true, fruitful living. Through God, the source of everything good, we can become all that He has created us to be: a blessing to those around us and servants who advance His kingdom purposes. What glory we can bring to God as we let Him work His power through us! As we make His Word the foundation of our life and our relationship with Him our greatest priority, we will produce fruit that will glorify God’s name and have an eternal impact on the world around us.

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How are you staying connected to the Vine?

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 Jill Holler grew up on a farm in western Illinois, enjoying a life of running free through the pastures during the day and gazing at the countless shimmering stars at night. All around her, she could see the work of God’s creative hand, and she knew He was real. Yet it wasn’t until years later that she would discover the abundant life of faith that comes from taking hold of the living power that resides in God and His word. After struggling to find purpose and meaning for much of her young adult life, she found that it resides simply–yet powerfully–in Jesus Christ, her God and Savior.

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