If you wish to submit your project to LPC, meet with us at a writers’ conference or have your agent submit on your behalf.


February 17 – 19,2017 – Asheville Christian Writers Conference, Asheville, NC

  • Yvonne Lehman, Candlelight Romance and Guiding Light Women’s Fiction
  • Denise Loock, general editor
  • Cindy K. Sproles, Acquisitions Editor for SonRise Devotionals, Straight Street Books
  • Eddie Jones, CEO and Founder of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas
  • Marcie Bridges, LPC Author Representative


February 22 – 26, 2017 – Florida Christian Writers Conference, Lake Yale,  FL

  • Eva Marie Everson, Managing Editor, Firefly Southern Fiction
  • Eddie Jones, CEO and Founder of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas


March 10 – 11, 2017 – Carolina Christian Writers Conference, Spartanburg, SC

  • Cindy K. Sproles, Managing Editor for SonRise Devotionals, Straight Street Books


May 17 – 20, 2017 – Colorado Christian Writers Conference, Estes Park, CO

  • Eddie Jones, CEO and Founder of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas


May 21 25, 2017 – Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, Ridgecrest, NC

  • Cindy K. Sproles, Managing Editor for SonRise Devotionals and Straight Street Books
  • Eddie Jones, CEO and Founder of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas
  • Eva Marie Everson, Managing Editor, Firefly Southern Fiction
  • Yvonne Lehman, Managing Editor, Candlelight Romance, Guiding Light Women’s Fiction


June 1417, 2017 – Write to Publish, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL


July 26 – 29, 2017 – Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference, Langhorne, PA


September 28 – 30, 2017 – Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference, Muskegon, MI


October 8– 12, 2017 Blue Ridge Christian Novelist Retreat Ridgecrest/LifeWay Conference Center, Ridgecrest, NC

  • Yvonne Lehman, Candlelight Romance, Guiding Light Women’s Fiction
  • Eddie Jones, CEO and Founder

November, 2018,  Greater Raleigh Area Writers Conference, (location TBA)

A Novel IdeaYou may wish to purchase a copy of A Novel Idea: Learn How to Write a Novel in Under 60 Minutes. We consider the elements in this small book to be the basic components of a novel and judge submissions based on these basic novel-writing elements.








To the HR Department:
I am an amateur/unpublished writer, with the current goal of sustaining a blog/website. While I am unemployed and seeking steady employment, I wondered if you could let me know about any job opportunities at your company for proofreaders or typists or copy writing. I have excellent spelling, punctuation, and other grammar skills, and I type quickly. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and look forward to getting to know your publications and perhaps meeting you at a writers’ conference.

I just completed one 30-day devotional as a part of my book series. It is currently in the final stages of copyediting. Before I move forward with self publishing, I wanted to submit it for review to LPC. I met with Eddie and Cindy several years ago at The Montrose Christian Writer’s Conference and wrote a piece for Christian Devotions years ago. Would I need to meet again at a conference or have an agent to submit my work?

Also, what is the approximate time for submission review and publishing?

Thanks in advance!

The Submissions page of your website has this statement:
“Currently, we only contract with authors we meet at WRITERS’ CONFERENCES or who are represented by approved LPC literary agents.”
Is there a published list of approved literary agents that you deal with directly, and their contact information? How may I obtain that information so that I can find someone who will work with me and help promote my books? Thank you kindly.

For writers in Africa who wish to publish their books, how do they get their dream come true through your publishing stable?

Just a question. I have been unable to afford to go to a writer’s conference. I might make the june one in Wheaton in 2016. I spoke to Rowena at year before last about a manuscript. I am still working on that one, but I have finished the other one I was working on. It’s more of a suspense novel. Is there any way to submit this manuscript to you. I realize you do conferences, but I wondered if there was any other way? Thanks and God bless.

Anna, if you have a relationship with Ro, email her. rowena Kuo She might recall the conversation. We do not have a suspense line, per se, so this would fall under general fiction. Hope that helps.

I have a nonfiction devotional book proposal prepared and would like to attend one of your writers’ conferences. I do not see any listed after Aug. 1st and wondered when your schedule for 2016 might be available?

Eva Marie Everson will be at the Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference http://www.maranathachristianwriters.com this October. I don’t think we have that one listed on the calendar. Eddie Jones will serve on faculty at the Blue Ridge Christian Novelist Retreat http://ridgecrestconferencecenter.org/event/novelist#.VduC27xViko in October. After Novel Retreat, there is the The Asheville Christian Writers’ Conference in February, 2016. http://writersadvancebootcamp.com/. Hope this helps.

To my knowledge, there are not any conferences in the Phoenix area. The Colorado Christian Writers’ conf is the closest, I think, and probably a direct flight from Phoenix to Denver.

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